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The Maso Pisoni farm is located in Marcè, in the Bleggio Superiore area, and raises original Bruna Alpina and Rendena dairy cows for the production of raw milk cheeses. The animals are raised in the stable surrounded by pasture and taken to the mountain pastures in the summer: the diet is mainly based on fresh fodder and mountain hay. Maso Pisoni also carries out agritourism and educational farm activities with a view to multifunctionality.

From the very beginning we felt the need to have someone who would follow-up our breeding method based almost exclusively on hay. The project was very helpful: the training sessions, especially the one on hays, gave us important information and made us realize we were on the right path. Working on nutrition, we also reflected on the integration of cereals, analyzing which are the most suitable for our activities and which is their environmental impact. From the point of view of animal welfare, we also had confirmation about its great influence on the animal’s productivity and the quality of the milk and meat that derives from it. With Francesca Pisseri, a homeopath veterinary, we took great care of this aspect and understood the importance of observing animals, which previously seemed a waste of time. Truth is that observation gives essential information to understand any problem at the root and try timely solutions. We realized that nutrition is the basis of animal welfare: working on this aspect improves the general health of the animals and consequently resolves eventual diseases that may arise. This year, in fact, we had no problems, not even during parturitions. We also had the chance to learn about homeopathic and phytotherapeutic approach and I must say that they have proved to be a valid help, allowing us to significantly reduce the use of traditional medicine. One difficulty we have derives from the fact that we have little land. During the summer we go to Malga Tovre above Molveno. When we come down, we manage to graze the dry cows, young and older heifers for a few months by renting land from other owners in the area. This year we are very happy with the breeding of pigs in the wild because we have found a private land suitable for grazing them, once they get off the hut. For the future of a small company like ours, we hope the network between companies and between companies and individuals providing land for grazing livestock will improve and increase. A few years ago, a further collaboration with Maurizio Cattafesta on pig breeding started: he would follow broodmares and weaning, I would fatten them. As for the cattle, we would like to breed only the Original Bruna Alpina breed, using, as we have been doing for several years, natural mating with a bull born and raised on the farm; we hope to be able to build a more innovative barn with permanent litter, free cows and get the dairy cows to do six months of total grazing; we will certainly continue with the production of raw milk cheeses which is giving us excellent results and great satisfaction.




Frazione Marcé, 5
38071 Bleggio Superiore (TN)

Barbara 3297921809 Leonardo 3401487467


Monday - saturday 8:00 a.m. -12:00 a.m.
Closed sunday

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    Operazione 4.1.1 – sostegno agli investimenti nelle aziende agricole

    • Investimento 2016 - Realizzazione di un piccolo Caseificio Aziendale.

    “Realizzazione di un piccolo laboratorio di trasformazione che ci ha permesso di rendere la nostra filiera a ciclo chiuso.

    La trasformazione in azienda permette di dare unicità e territorialità ai prodotti agricoli e il giusto valore alla materia prima prodotta: il latte. ”

    Importi finanziari:

    • Spesa ammessa al contributo € 47.480
    • Importo contributo € 20.360,32
    20360,32 8750,87 8126,62 3482,84
    • Investimento 2018 – Acquisto attrezzature per Caseificio Aziendale e alcune attrezzature per fienagione.

    “ Acquisto di attrezzature mobili a supporto della produzione, stagionatura e confezionamento dei prodotti lattiero-caseari realizzati in azienda.

    Acquisto di motofalciatrice per lo sfalcio di prati in pendenza con l'obiettivo di recuperare terreni altrimenti destinati al rimboschimento naturale e aumentare la produzione di fieno di montagna, mantenendo al tempo stesso il legame con il territorio ed offrendo un servizio di tutela del paesaggio”

    Importi finanziari:

    • Spesa ammessa al contributo € 24.380,00
    • Importo contributo € 9.752,00
    9752 4191,41 3892,42 1668,17

    Per maggiori informazioni sulle opportunità di finanziamento, visita il sito del PSR

    e della Commissione europea dedicato FEASR

    Maso Pisoni Frazione Marcé, 5 | 38071 Bleggio Superiore (TN) P.I. 02379180223

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